Woman in Russian CostumeMarketplace set to launch in August 2011

You are invited to become a 'Founding Member' of our new site.

Marketplace.AlexanderPalace.org is a place to buy and sell.

Our focus is Royalty, Art and Antiques, Historical Reenactment, Costumes, Jewelry, Books and Crafts.

From $1.00 to $4,000 it doesn't matter, you can make or sell your own Romanov tiaras, Civil War Uniforms, Icons - anything history related. If you sign-up as a Founding Member you will get three months for free. After that it's just $19.95 a month for 20 items or less, $29.95 for 20 - 49 and $39.95 for 50 or more. There are no other charges.  You can create and operate your own store within Marketplace and communicate with buyers.  All orders are sent to Paypal for processing and you handle payment yourself. 

So, email us to get on our mailing list for more news on our new venture.

Call us at 512 469-7454 to learn more!

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